Eva-Maria Spampinato has unified her interdisciplinary practice as an artist, researcher and historian. Rather it is a serendipitous relationship she cannot separate, calling herself, the Historical Artist. For two decades, she has pursued her passions through education & experience in art and design history, classical fine art practices and art conservation in paintings and paper artworks.  Eva-Maria collaborates her unique background to further investigate art and design through the modes of craft, alchemy and the natural world. 

Central to her creative practice, her five values – creativity, materials, technique, process and being thrifty, allows Eva-Maria to focuses on materials & drawing: pulling her attention towards colour, floral & human studies. Through the exploration, she is able to communicate the simple language found in precious & subtle moments that are easily missed in our everyday lives. For her, this is beauty. 

At her best, Eva-Maria intentionally sources her materials (raw or cooked),  with an ethical practice & embodies early modern thrifty, by combing traditional & contemporary practices, her five values, that have the least impact on the environment. 

“Thrifty is how to manage what you have…frugality, respecting & making good use of what the world provided to raise riches in morals & values…made most precious resources given by nature…whilst express gratitude for the gifts of the range of materials & its possessions.” – Simon Werret, ‘Thrifty Science’, 2019



Royal College of Art/Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK  – History of Design,  2018

Florence Academy of Art, Möndal, Sweden – Classical Drawing, 2015

University of California, Santa Cruz, CA, USA – History of Art, 2002



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