I am interested in the interconnected phenomena in making – between the artist & artisan in craft, materials and tools – technē.  

Etymology: technē – greek word for  ‘how to make things’, craft, practice, making or doing, experienced-based knowledge. 

My work specializes in the epistemologies of empirical values obtained through making Materials: pigment, glass, dye & Drawings of the early modern period, 1400-1800 AD. 

Through my research, I am able to bridge key concepts of design, experimenting, observational studies, creativity and artisan epistemology. Influenced from these overarching discussions, I am interested to transfer these historical knowledges as a tool that can be applied towards ethical practices in art, craft, design & industry for a better future, being thrifty in the 21st Century.

“Making is the foundation of knowledge, experienced.”



I collaborate history of design (academic) and historical re-making (practical) research methods with the use of archival artisan manuscripts and recipe books to reveal learnt outcomes.


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